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Edison brings GE real estate veterans with longstanding reputation and relationships in sourcing, underwriting, closing and asset managing deals with best in class MF operators; In addition, Edison will be responsible for bringing LP equity to the transaction. 


Ashcroft Capital brings a recent track record of 9 MF deals closed in Texas in the last 18 months with one additional property recently awarded and under contract.


Together Edison Ashcroft brings an institutional quality investment and management platform with a core competency in Risk Management and Operations. 


Edison Ashcroft will hand select and team with the best  local management companies with a proven track record in a particular market to execute the value add strategy.


Edison Ashcroft Principals are a seasoned, scalable commercial real estate team with extensive hands on experience across all property types and a proven track record of delivering extraordinary results. 


Their expertise in risk management and operations sets Edison Ashcroft apart and produces unparalleled results within each facet of the organization.

Carolyn White

Managing Partner / Principal


Frank Roessler

Managing Partner / Principal

Bruce Bardgett

Managing Director

Asset Management / Principal

Brett A. Magnuson

Chief Operating Officer / Principal

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Seasoned Partners

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