Edison Ashcroft will seek acquisitions ranging from $30-$60MM in capitalization, each representing approximately 250-500 residential units. 

Acquisition criteria includes:

  • Excellent locations with strong demand drivers (job growth, limited new supply risk, population migration).

  • Ability to acquire below replacement cost.

  • Cap rate spread relative to debt yield resulting in solid cash yield component.

  • Moderate renovation, typically $4,000-$8,000/unit.

  • Light structural improvements, thereby avoiding construction risk.



Property Type:


Property Investment Size:


Est. Annual Cash Return:

Targeted Hold Period IRR:

Hold Period:

Texas key markets in addition to other major MSA's across the US

Class A-, B, B+ (early 2000's to 1980's vintage)

Value add with some core plus

$30 - $60 Million

65 – 75% of Purchase Price

7.0 - 9.0%

16.0 – 18.0%

3 – 7 Years

3131 McKinney Avenue, Suite 600, Dallas, Tx 75204

main: 214.603.6802

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